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Our Programs

Fun & Learning

Creative Art

At Excel Leadership Academy, we believe that art is a great way for children to express themselves. Our art program encourages creativity and imagination through various mediums such as painting, drawing, and sculpting.

Musical Development

Our music program is designed to introduce children to different types of music and instruments. We believe that music is a great way to help children develop their cognitive, social, and emotional skills.

Active Play

Movement is an important part of a child's development. Our movement program includes activities such as yoga, dance, and gymnastics to help children develop their motor skills and coordination.

Language Development

Our language program focuses on helping children develop their communication and language skills through various activities such as storytelling, role-playing, and vocabulary building exercises.


We believe that early exposure to math is important for a child's development. Our math program introduces children to basic concepts such as counting, shapes, and patterns through fun and interactive activities.

Outdoor Playtime

We encourage outdoor play as it helps children develop their physical abilities and social skills. Our outdoor play program includes activities such as sandbox play and gardening.

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